Making sure people can find you easily and find their way around your premises is an essential step to keeping customers happy.

There are four different types of directional signage:

By positioning your directional signage strategically means visitors can find their way to there destination effortlessly. No one likes feeling lost. By having clear and concise signage not only brightens the space but creates comfort for your staff and clients.

To determine which directional signage is right for you, Queensland Signage Solutions undertakes a detailed examination of your premises and location, including an assessment of your building floor plans and surrounding grounds, and recommend the type and position of the signs required. We can also integrate your brand into directional signage.

When choosing your wayfinding points, it is important to look at it from a first time visitors point of view. Key areas to start strategizing from is Parking, Building Entrance, to your Reception, even the simple things like Amenities need to be clearly indicated.

Call us for advice on the types of directional signage that best meets the needs of your business.