Being one of the leading wide-format printers in Townsville, Queensland Signage Solutions services your needs in flute signage, car wrapping, display windows, billboard signs, and wall prints… to name just a few. We are much more than just a print service. Daily our expert accredited staff are completing graphic design jobs, aiding our clients with:

We even project manage large-scale signage rollouts, like Hospital rebrands! 

What sets Queensland Signage Solutions apart from other Townsville Sign companies is our capability to re-imagine and build complete shop signage packages. Our superpowers in this field stem from our in-house technologies such as latex printers, cnc router, laser cutter, sign manufacture and spray painting equipment. We are capable of creating and building 2 and 3 Dimensional letterings, Large Skins, Illuminated Letters, Lightboxes and the ability to 2 pack finish for longer life. Queensland Signage Solutions is no stranger to building Pylon Signs, manufacturing Billboards and even LED screens.

With so much knowledge in the industry, we are able to help you navigate council permits & approvals, taking away the tedious and tricky side of things to make your experience as simple as it can be. All your creations will be kept in our internal archives to be effortlessly reproduced or improved on, for years to come.

Queensland Signage Solutions is more than just a print shop… more than a wrap shop… more than just graphic design… more than Townsville. We are Queensland Signage Solutions!

Directors Wal and Luke

Directors Wal and Luke

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Queensland Signage Solutions are the Signs Experts in Townsville North Queensland. Nobody knows signs in Townsville like Queensland Signage Solutions, we strive to bring good design & signage with out of the box thinking and implementation to all our work. We like to think our signs help keep Townsville looking bold and colourful with our Tropical North Queensland style. Townsville is well known for being the sunny city with up to if not more than 300 days a year being sunny. This means Townsville signs need to hold up against some of the harshest weather in the world with its intense UV rating. This is why all of our signs use only the best over-laminates and 2 pack automotive paints purposefully built to withstand the harsh climate.

QSS provides quality signage for some of most predominant businesses and organisations in Townsville, Ingham, Ayr, Charters Towers, Cardwell, Halifax, Burdekin, and other surrounding North Queensland towns.

Let us help make your Townsville Sign shine like our beautiful city.

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Vector or Bitmap?

The war between Vector and Bitmap graphics is relentless. Within the industry the Vector image reigns supreme with its precision geometry and adaptability for various technologies such as cnc routers, lasers and digital printers. On the other side you have Bitmap which brings stunning images and breathes life into digital print and screen.  In the end neither file type is the real victor – they both do what they do well and work better together. Hopefully at the end of this blurb you may have a better understanding of these 2 graphic types.


A Vector file is a geometrical formula which can be scaled to nearly any size your computer is capable of. It works with nodes and bezier curves, I like to think of it as trains when describing it. The node is a train station and the bezier curve is the train track linking the stations thus forming shapes. Generally businesses will have a Vector logo to guarantee perfect re-creation whenever it is used.  Another bonus of the Vector is that it doesn’t lose any memory within the file, no matter how many times it is used.
File types that commonly use Vector images are .eps (encapsulated post script) or .pdf (portable document format) files. You may need to have a graphic drawing program (such as Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator) to view or edit them.


To the common folk, file types and resolution don’t mean that much when it comes to graphics.  Most think “If it looks good on my screen it must be good enough to print, right!” Sadly it is not.  Most images saved from the net are not high enough resolution to print in large formats, unless you specifically buy a hi-resolution image from sites such as Shutterstock.  Resolution refers to the amount of pixels used to create your image.  So if I were to say I have a 300dpi image, I mean that for every inch there are 300 dots of colour.  Naturally the more dots being used the larger the Bitmap file will be.  Just a warning though, some Bitmap file types such as jpegs degrade over their lifespan.

An easy way to differentiate between Bitmap and Vector images is to zoom as far into the image as possible.  Any curved edge in the image should be perfectly smooth in a Vector. If it shows square steps along the curve it’s a pretty good sign of pixilation which is a Bitmap.

For the best quality print always make sure your images are High Resolution and that important graphics like your logo are Vector.

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Exciting times here at Queensland Signage Solutions with the Sign Big Move of 2015 Townsville. We have finally made the jump to our new premises at 42 Punari St Currajong. This 1000sqm warehouse was an empty shell in the beginning… but now looking out through the office into the shed its hard to imagine it was. Check out our album on our facebook page to see the “Moving Album.”

QSS Building Signage

QSS new building

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